Google launches “chrome” browser

Google released on Monday (Sep 3, 2008) IST, its new browser code named “Chrome”.

What is special about Chrome?

It is a “bottom-up” browser; something badly needed after many years (the browsers have vintage of 10 – 16 years)


Google claims the browser design has 3 simple goals – simple, stable and secure; my first impressions confirm all three claims

Google also release it under “open source”


It will be interesting to see the evolution of “Chrome” over the years

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  1. TechieLife Says:

    Google Chrome – Initial Review and Comments…

    Initial thoughts:

    – The installation imported my bookmarks automatically without my permission. It only notified me. I’m disappointed with that. If it was a confirmation, it didn’t follow the usability standards.

    – The browser opened up quick…

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