Hillary Clinton’s concession speech – out of race with so much grace

In her concession speech to a packed crowd on June 7, 2008 in Washington DC, Democratic Party Senator and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at her best. There was no rancor; she must have been sad that she was bowing out, but there was no sign of sadness in her face. She was full of grace, in her face, her words, in her expression and in her mood. I was touched by the grace; it was an education for anyone to see some one going out of the race; some one who fought so fiercely could go down with so much grace.


She started thanking everyone and repeatedly expressed how grateful she was for all that her supporters did; the crowds cheerfully acknowledged that. She talked of “democratic party as the family” that unites every one. She was gracious in her references to Barack Obama and repeatedly (almost like Pallavi in Indian musical compositions!) talked of “that is why we need to help elect Barack Obama as our next President”.


She also scored a point for Democrats. She talked of “in my forty years of political life there were 10 Presidents; only three times we could send a Democratic President to the White House. The man who occupied the “oval office” two times out of the three terms is very much here (reference to Bill Clinton who was present in the audience). You know the prosperity of the country during those two terms. How prosperous America would have been if we had Democratic candidates in all the ten terms?”. She went on to say “that is why we need to help elect Barack Obama as our next President”.


It was an enjoyable experience; I fondly wish that our politicians take a leaf out of her concession address and leave the contests gracefully in the interest of the nation.

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