K Jaiganesh (29) made it to the IAS finalists from Tamil Nadu.


It is no ordinary achievement for this bright boy from Ambur in Tamil Nadu; he made it in his sixth attempt, after moving to Chennai realizing that IAS preparation needs the support of fellow aspirants, access to networks, books, and information that in generally found in cities. This youngster comes from a poor economic background; deciding not to take up a job after his engineering degree from Periyar Engineering College, this youngster worked as a “waiter” in the local restaurant to pay for his expenses! It is commendable that he could work his way against all odds.


One hopes that the electronic & print media that gives huge coverage for bad deeds (rape, murder or loot) committed by misled youngsters, also provide at least a mention (if not wide coverage), to such good deeds of youngsters too!

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