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My books on “e-Governance Today” and “IT Today” have been published by ICFAI Press recently.

ICFAI Press organized a Book Launch ceremony in Hyderabad (April 5, 2008) and Bangalore (April 25, 2008)with Mr. J Satyanarayana, IAS, former IT Secy, GoAP (currently CEO National Institute of Smart Governance) and Mr. MN  Vidyashankar, IAS, Secy to IT, GoK at Hyderabad & Bangalore respectively, agreeing to release the books (due to additional responsibility as Chief Electoral Officer in the last minute Mr. Vidyashankar could not make it and Prof S S Prabhu did me the honor at Bangalore)


e-Governance book takes a balanced view of technology & applications; talks of hundreds of Indian and global case studies.

During the launch ceremony I talked about the evolution of computing from scientific, commercial, enterprise and finally to “governance” applications (that goes beyond government); I predict that governance (could be SOX for businesses, BASEL for Banks..) could open up much larger market for IT, the way commercial & enterprise applications became much larger than scientific computing.

IT Today book is a catalog of my articles written in the years 2006 & 2007; I had published a 3-part book

IT Technologies & Products

IT Perspectives & Trends and

IT – Careers & Companies

with a selected set of articles from the ones I wrote over the 1992 to 2005 period.

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