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e-Governance Today and IT Today

April 26, 2008

My books on “e-Governance Today” and “IT Today” have been published by ICFAI Press recently.

ICFAI Press organized a Book Launch ceremony in Hyderabad (April 5, 2008) and Bangalore (April 25, 2008)with Mr. J Satyanarayana, IAS, former IT Secy, GoAP (currently CEO National Institute of Smart Governance) and Mr. MN  Vidyashankar, IAS, Secy to IT, GoK at Hyderabad & Bangalore respectively, agreeing to release the books (due to additional responsibility as Chief Electoral Officer in the last minute Mr. Vidyashankar could not make it and Prof S S Prabhu did me the honor at Bangalore)


e-Governance book takes a balanced view of technology & applications; talks of hundreds of Indian and global case studies.

During the launch ceremony I talked about the evolution of computing from scientific, commercial, enterprise and finally to “governance” applications (that goes beyond government); I predict that governance (could be SOX for businesses, BASEL for Banks..) could open up much larger market for IT, the way commercial & enterprise applications became much larger than scientific computing.

IT Today book is a catalog of my articles written in the years 2006 & 2007; I had published a 3-part book

IT Technologies & Products

IT Perspectives & Trends and

IT – Careers & Companies

with a selected set of articles from the ones I wrote over the 1992 to 2005 period.

Software testing as exciting activity

April 24, 2008

I had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of “testers” at Wipro in their internal annual 2-day “Test Confluence”. The demos and presentations were very educative.

In my keynote address on April 23, 2008, I focussed on four issues

The need to “count your blessings” on behalf of the Indian software community (doing well yet complaining all the time)

Learn from manufacturing (how the “lowly” quality function got elevated to the “board room” thanks to Professor Deming)

How FDA in Pharma, FAA in Aviation, Lloyds in Boilers, BASEL in Banking have “positioned” testing in “high pedestal”

I also talked to them of the “role model” played by Soma (Mr. Somasegar, Sr VP, Microsoft HQ) as “legendary test engineer”

Make India a “Developer Nation”

April 18, 2008

In my keynote address at Non stop Developer Conference organized by HP at Eagleton Golf Resort in Mysore Road on April 17, 2008, I stressed the need for Indian software developer community to start playing the “leaders game” and go past the “follower game” that we are playing now.


Leaders lead; not demand that others follow them (the way our unimaginative poltical leaders do today in india). I exhorted the members of the audience to look at examples from other industries

The story of Merceded Benz (the history behind the name), Karl Benz story.. and the unique position that “Merck” enjoys for over a century

The story of how Swatch retrieved the leadership position in watches from Japanese vendors (90% in 1946, 40% in 1970, 25% in 1983 and back to 50% by 2000)

The “gharana” concept in Hindustani classical music and learning for several decades (not weeks, months or years)

Success is not always smooth

April 15, 2008

In my address to the senior management of iGateheld at Eagleton Golf Resort in Mysore Road on April 14, 2008 (on the invitation of Mr. Phaneesh Murthy, Founder & CEO), I had stressed the fact that the best one can do to excel is to listen to one’s “inner voice”, go against the current if needed and “hold on” to the conviction against all odds.


I alluded to the success of iGate itself; it has grown dramatically to 6,000+ professionals within 5 years;

 I also illustrated some interesting stories from

Air Deccan (bypass travel agents, analyze profitability of every flight segment every day)

Google (go against the suggestion to use DBMS)

Microsoft (develop tools and developer network)

Oracle (faith in “Relational” model)

SAP (believe that enterprises can be modeled)


IIIT-B (equip every student with a laptop and go for Wi-Fi in 1999!)

to drive home the point.

It was an enjoyable interactive event/