gPC for $ 199 PC with gOS

Starting October last week Wal-Mart the world’s largest retail stores has started selling a low-cost PC (mde by Everex Computers) at $ 199 price point. Interestingly, thi computer is inspired by Google and is loaded with gOS (uBuntu Linux distribution that is “tailored” for Google applications – Mail, Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet, Pictures, Music and Video).

Targeted at the two ends of the social spectrum (poor children and poor senior citizens) this low-cost PC has a potential to build the “digital divide”.

Made by Taiwanese manufacturer this PC has just a handful of icons for the key applications (like the “dock” in toay’s Apple computers) and very easy to use. It is intuitive, clutter-free and the opening screen is even gorgeous to appeal to the high-school students and comes bundled with OpenOffice.

The hardware is impressive too – 1.5 gHz Via processor, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk, DVD – CD-RW device and Ethernet port; monitor has to be purchased separately

gPC will be interesting to watch.

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