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iPhone goes to Europe

September 19, 2007

Apple announced that it will launch iPhone on November 9, 2007 in UK with o2 and in Germany with T-Mobile. Apple seems to be continuing its style; go with a service provide who has good foot print in the geogrpahy and of course who agrees to “Apple Way” (activation not by service provider but thru Apple site and revenue sharing with Apple). Interestingly Apple is tying up with just one service provider in each geography.

Having been used to “unlocked and free” phones in India for mobile phones, many of us wonder how consumers in the “free” America put up with the restrictions. Some times preaching is very different from practice.

Any way iPhone magic is not going to be limited to USA alone; two more countries will have it in November. I am sure there will be more announcements as the Christmas Season approaches.

With the launch of a fun-packed family of iPods (including iPod Touch) and iPhones getting launched in Europe, this year is definitely going to be Apple’s Christmas