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Software engineering to engineering software

September 5, 2007

India has done well in software engineering. It is good; however, the very nature of software services, much of the employment is focused on skills, mostly related to the tools of software engineering. Since most of the Indian software workforce consists of engineers, it will be nice that we make use of the knowledge of engineering.

Engineering by its very nature is a creative profession (unlike legal or accounting profession). It can be very satisfying too. I do expect that the next stage of Indian IT industry will be that of engineering software; use software engineering to create great engineering marvels.

Working for great companies like Schneider – 170 years old Corporation operating in 190 countries with thousands of products – the software engineers have an unusually exciting opportunity to go beyond software engineering to engineering software.

I do hope that Schneider GTC India would take the lead in this shift. Such a shift would lead to “experts” who can claim individual contribution than mere “managers” who have to get the team to contribute. Also jobs seek “experts” while many software engineers constantly are forced to seek jobs.