British MP surprises you with his commitment to higher education

Hon’ble Member of the British Parliament Mr. Derek Wyatt, is currently visiting India (Bangalore & Hyderabad) leading a 15-member delegation consisting of senior academics in Computer Science from

• Imperial College
• City University of London
• University of York
• University of Aberdeen
• University of Hertfordshire
• University of Whirlpool
• University of Kent
• University of Warwick
• University of Wolverhampton, and
• University of Greenwich

His idea is to find constructive ways of engaging with Indian academics so as to get a pipeline of high quality Indian students into British higher education system, promote collaborative research and build bridges to the emerging research establishments in India (Research Labs of HP, IBM, Microsoft on the one hand and the future research labs of Infosys, TCS and Wipro).

It is refreshing to see the MP leading the delegation from the front. Of course Mr. Wyatt is a special MP; anyone who has visited his web site would discover. He managed to get the Internet Institute at Oxford University and struggled hard to persuade Professor William Dutton, the first Director of the Institute to re-locate to UK from the University of Southern California

One cannot but hope that Members of the Parliament in India would soon wake up to the reality of the urgent need to strengthen the Indian higher education system at such an opportune time; the world is looking at India positively and our democratic dividend can be turned to our advantage to reach a leadership position in the knowledge economy.

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