Innovate or Perish

Taking a clue from the oft-repeated notion of “publish or perish”, I talked of the need for “innovate or perish” in the Sun Technovate event in Mumbai, on the eve of Sun Founder & Chairman Scott McNealy’s second visit to India. There were nearly 200 CIO/CTO in the audience.

My pitch was simple; innovation is happening all around in India, accelerating in the past 5 years, both inside and outside IT. It could be

    Infosys Global Delivery Model
    Ittiam becoming the “world’s most preferred DSP IP supplier” within three years of starting in 2001 and retaining it for 3 years in a row
    Kashyap perfecting slowly but steadily the concept of “public toilet” through “Sulabh Sauchalay”
    Reliance launching Rs 777 Classic phones
    Robosoft starting 700-seater Tech Park in sleepy Udupi (known only for low cost restaurants)
    HiCal Magnetics supplying components for Nokia
    Cosmic Circuits re-designing low-end electronics items for ultra-low cost
    low cost eye surgery in Arvind Hospitals
    low cost heart surgery in Narayana Hrudayala
    the slew of low cost water purifiers.

Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage to serve the 5 billion people in the “bottom of the pyramid”; innovation provides 10-20 times (not percent) cost and time savings.

Naturally, without innovation India Inc cannot remain competitive in the long run

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