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Sun Founder Scott McNealy in India

May 17, 2007

Mr. Scott McNealy, Chairman, Sun Microsystems is in India for 3 days (16-18 May 2007). This is his second visit to India (earlier in 2004).

In his informal chat with many of us on 16th night, he talked passionately about the role of Web 2.0 and the emergence of “participation” economy. He has been funding and spending quality time with the project “curruki” (Curriculum + Wiki), an exciting way to get the world educators create curriculum materials using the “open source” philosophy pioneered by Wikipedia.

In his keynote address on May 17th, he talked about the need for total cost to include “exit cost”; according to him “zero barrier to exit” is a key contribution of “open source” – an unusual insight.

Another interesting thought was Sun’s concept data center “black box” – a fully built data center that comes in the form factor of a container – just connect water source, power source and network tap the data center will start working in a remore village in India or Africa or a busy tech park in Bangalore – fascinating idea.