Visit to Canara Bank branch in Hong Kong

Today I visited the Canara Bank branch at Hong Kong. Mr Srinivasan, Chief Excecutive, Canara Bank HK operations was kind enough to take me there, introduce me to the staff and even offer an excellent cup of coffee.

Talking to the staff I realize that the direct presence of Canara Bank is just a month old; they are planning activities for the next three years. I did tell them my wish

In eighties .Japanese companies like SONY slowly started to put their neon signs on the skyscrapers of New York and other big cities; by mid-nineties it was the turn of Korean MNC’s like Samsung. It is time that Indian MNC’s like Tatas (TCS and Tata Motors), Infosys & Wipro as well as Moser Baer and others including Canara Bank and ICICI start showing up on the skyscrapers in Singapore & Hong Kong, if not New York. One day I would like Canara Bank to claim the position held by HSBC today.

May be a tall order today, but definitely reachable tomorrow. IT can help!

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