Visit to HKUST today

It was yet another day visiting Hong Kong Conventin center – probably the largest such facility in the world that has million+ square feet of built-up space, dozens of rooms, large halls capable of hosting 10,000 visitors, kitchen with facility to host 4,000 guests, gallery-type theater halls.. all done beautifully without sacrificing efficiency. The Managing Director gave insights into the evolution since 1988, planned addition of 2 more million square feet, ability to host almost 5 events every day, utilization of 60%, more than half a dozen mega events year after year… So much to learn

The visit to Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) was another eye opener. The atrium that greets you at the entrance is spectacular. The connected bulidings that merge into a single large building with class rooms, lecture halls, student amenities on one side, library on the other side and residence halls on the third side fit so well amidst the beauty of greenery all over, backdrop of the sea and the sheer elegance of buildings, one notices the “wow” phenomenon right away. With 8,000 students (3,500 on campus) and 500 faculty / staff staying on campus the University is a mini-city. One day I hope that Indian institutes will learn to develop campuses like HKUST; the facilities folks did give insights into how meticulously they are planning a new building for the Business School that is likely to be operational by 2011.

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