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NUS talking of 10 departments among the global Top 10 in 10 years

May 2, 2007

Today we visited National University of Singapore.

What was striking was the consistent drive of the NUS top management to challenge the team towards excellence. I have been watching NUS over the past 5 years, when the University has done consistently will – in terms of global rankings. But the recent goal of the President that all departments should start bench-marking them with the global top 10 is very impressive; for any upcoming department, it can be a humbling experience to find yawning gaps, but keeping such a high goal takes the University to great heights. NUS President wants at least 10 departments (of the 100+ departments) to be in the global top 10 in 10 years. He has the full support of the Singapore Government.

What a contrast with our own Institutions in India where the governments after governments systematically kill any new initiatves.

Looks like our children will find NUS far more attractive academically five years from now, than any of our premier institutions. Sad for India but great for Singapore!