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SMU has grown so much in 6 years

May 1, 2007

Today we visited SMU (Singapore Management University).

Thanks to Prof Ted Tschang my good friend we could visit them even on a holiday (May 1). We met the Dean and two senior Professors (Jeremy & Ramaswami) in Finance and Marketing respectively.

I had known SMU from Day 1. In fact one of the previous Deans had invited me; I had spent couple of hours giving my own views. What is amazing is their growth into nearly 5,000 students today, an amazing campus right in the city with about six large buildings connected by an underground concourse, ultra-modern class rooms with tools to support sound pedegogy (two projectors and a board, unobtrusive computer, simple control for projectors – all achieved after a full year of experimentation by the actual teaching faculty), access control, special group meeting rooms for students to provide team learning and most important a razor sharp focus to take research-led teaching to great heights. SMU Finance department would soon be one of the Top 10 global schools; you see the strategy at work. “Do all it takes to achieve the goal” was the clear message; “we are clear as to what game we are playing; it is the number game; publications in top 5 journals; our recruitment, compensation,, are all “tweaked” for it” said the Head of the Department.

There is so much to learn from SMU – be it physical infrastructure or intellectual infrastructure, that too built up at great speed; SMU B-School has 100 faculty members and the University as a whole has 200 faculty members already (in just about 6 years!)