Ittiam does India proud for three years in a row

Ittiam was declared the “world’s most preferred DSP IP supplier 2006” as per DSP Professionals Survey conducted by Forward Magazine, USA; that too for the third year in a row, a rare distinction for any company that too for a start-up from India just five years back (January 1, 2001, to be precise)

Ittiam (an acronym for “I Think Therefore I AM”) is an amazing company started by ex TI veteran Srini Rajam. With its laser sharp focus on DSP algorithms, Ittiam focuses on IP (Intellectual Property) in the DSP space and “licenses” technology to giants in consumer electronics space.

Ittiam is singularly focused on DSP with a mission “To be the World’s best DSP Software and Systems Company

With just one person making to Ittiam for every 500 applicants, Ittiam is the most selective company in the neighborhood; still it has managed to assemble 200 professionals demonstrating the talent availability in Bangalore.

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