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“Money is safer in banks than under the mattress” – outsourcing e-mail services to Google by Arizona State University

December 21, 2006

Economist carries a piece that mentions 65,000 students of Arizona State University switching over to GMail for their e-mail services (under Google Apps for Your Domain).

Adrian Sannier the CIO has shown remarkable courage in doing that.

E-Mail being such an important tool today that touches every activity, few CIOs will look at the route of “trusting” others to hold ALL the critical information. With the hassles of running IT infrastructure (attendant spam & virus) outsourcing might be the option. The far-sighted CIO quotes the “change in mindset” of people trusting banks than storing cash under mattress.

As long as the system works (cash can be drawn from banks under most normal circumstances reliably) people would trust banks better without the hassle of securing it; as long as Google (it could be Microsoft & Yahoo too) deliver reliable performance, it might well be the way.

Interesting days to watch