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Jobs in IT

October 23, 2006

Often we are asked as to how long IT will keep generating jobs; I keeping telling them that IT is no longer a “fad” but has become the key to every other industry – automotive, telecom, banking, entertainment, hospitality, health, and industrial automation. Naturally not ALL these key industries would go sick at the same time. Of course, IT is also maturing; it may not grow at the same scorching pace for ever. At least in India IT will keep growing for a reasonable time, say 5- 10 years at great speed and slow down thereafter, yet growing at modest speeds.

What is special about IT jobs in India?

There are plenty of jobs (quantum)

The jobs are “cool” – exciting in technology, not always monotonous, very often new, novel applications, unusual customers, and of course, exciting gadgets to work with.

The jobs are for life (not fictitious jobs created by government programs to keep government accountants happy). Even if the jobs disappear in one company, they will re-appear in another company or geography. Often the knowledge learnt from using one set of skills is useful in picking up another set of skills. Of course, all these apply only to those who are constant learners; not those who expect to program in Java Ver. 1.1 for 40 years and expect 30% pay rise every year, if not every quarter!

IT jobs take you places. With GDM (Global Delivery Model) perfected by companies like Infosys getting to be widely adopted by everyone, the chances are that you will visit many countries as part of your assignment. Some of them are exciting places like Barcelona in Europe are Rio de Janeiro in South America!

Want to drive deep? IT can be exciting for those who want to pursue research – in computing, communications, materials, processing, physics, chemistry or biology. With nano-sciences, quantum computing, next generation networks, inter-planar IP around the corner there is so much work to do!

Want to start? Nothing is more exciting than IT for entrepreneurs. Every walk of life is getting e-enables and start-up companies are challenging the established ones and “re-inventing” the future. There are many Yahoo, eBay, Google and Skype yet to take birth.

In short for the “action type”, “research type” and “start-up type” there are jobs – plenty, cool and global – for you to take the plunge.

Best wishes

(Talk given at Times Job Fair in Bangalore recently)

Three interesting developments around Deepavali

October 21, 2006

35-year old Kiran Desai, educated in India, UK and USA gets Britain’s prestigeous Man Booker Prize for her book “The Inheritance of loss”; Kiran Desai is the daughter of Anita Desai who had been nominated for Booker Prize three times earlier, though she never got the Prize

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Professor of Rural Economics at Chittagong University and Founder of Grameen Bank that pioneered micro-credit – lending small amounts to groups of five people, mostly women, without collaterals – got Nobel Peace Prize, the first for Bangladesh. What is remarkable about Grammen experiement is the statement by Professor Yunus “One day our grandchildren will go to museums to see what poverty was like.”

Tata Steels acquires UK-based Corus Group for 4.3 Billion Pounds (Rs 35,000 crores), the largest-ever acquisition by an Indian company. Hopefully Indians will not continue fancy fears of globalization and talk of “invasion by East India Company”; Indian company is acquiring UK company!

These three developments –

    an India-educated American winning the highest global award in English language
    a Professor from one of the poorest countries in the world (Bangladesh) who pioneered an “out-of-box” idea in financing gets the Nobel Prize
    an Indian company is acquiring an English company with a turnover of nearly 10 billion pounds

show that “our” days have finally arrived!