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Just Do it

July 8, 2006

ET (7/7/2006) is collector’s choice. For a change it was edited by seven-person “Team Infosys” (in place of Team ET). Under the overall direction of NR Narayana Murthy Chairman, CEO Nandan Nilekani, COO Kris Gopalakrishnan and the other three co-founders and Directors, Srinath Batni, SD Shibulal, and K Dinesh, along with CFO TV Mohandas Pai did a superb job of editing newspaper with a telling effect.

Narayana Murthy was in his elements with his Editorial that included with a mantra – “just Do it”. He had the following to stay “Let the teachers go to school on time and teach the children. Let the doctors go to hospitals on time and tend to the patients with care. Let the government officers be in the office promptly at 9 am, do their work well, take quick decisions and earn their living. Let the public construction projects run three shifts instead of starting at 11 am and stopping at 5 pm. Let the media reserve the prime time and the front page to heralding the success of this hardworking majority, rather than focusing on the misdeeds of a few. None of these can be stopped by any evil power in the society. We have to win the war of honesty, decently, national pride and hard work over corruption, vested interest and petty politics. Let us start today by doing best what we are expected to do, without worrying whether our neighbors are doing it. I do not think there is any other solution to this country’s ills. Just Do it”

With great positive stories –

    “Alai Magal” social service organization as a way to meet the challenges posed by “Tusnami”
    Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar taking positive attitude in Bihar
    Nirma chairman recalling his “pride” – Nirma story
    Rajat Gupta narrating his ISB experience,
    Jayakar Jerome recalling his glorious BDA days
    Dr Devi Shetty sharing his passionate Narayana Hrudayalaya experience
    MAHE Chairman Pai recalling his “private sector education” experience
    PT Usha talking of success in sports
    Balakrishnan of Lintas talking of success in media
    Expats KR Kim of LG India talking of his huge success in India and Albert Bruner talking of the upcoming Bangalore International Airport
    E Sreedharan of Delhi Metro (and Konkan Railways) talking of project execution,
    Tirupur project managing to execute drinking water project under Public-Private-Partnership mode
    ITC taking IT to villages thru e-Chaupal
    Minister Arun Shourie talking of his contribution to IIT Kanpur (through 100% utilization of MP Local Area Development Fund)
    V Siddhartha of “Coffee Day” fame talking about his success
    and the “capstone” piece
    Railways Minister Lalu Yadav “transforming” the giant Indian Railways –

the issue is nothing but a “collector’s choice”.