Quality must translate to “owner’s pride”

NR Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys pointed out to the need for quality going beyond metrics and tools. In his talk on July 7, 2006

“Quality challenges for Indian software professionals”

at IIIT-B as part of the launch of South chapter of Bangalore SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network), he narrated the situation in 70’s and 80’s when typical Indian households were so proud of their Sony Trinitron TV at their homes, that they would not leave any opportunity to drive the conversation to TV, and make sure that the guests visiting home notice the fact that they are one of the proud owners of SONY Trinitron TV!

Murthy exhorted the Indian software professionals to aspire for the same position.

Will the companies who hire Indian software professionals / companies, do the same thing? Will they tell their friends with a sense of pride, that they got their software written by company x from India and they are damn sure it will work flawlessly day in and day out?

That alone will be a sure indication that Indian software has arrived.

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