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Evolution of CIO

July 5, 2006

There were two iterations of CXO Today’s events “Evolution of CIO” (once in Bombay on 24th June and later in Delhi on 4th July 2006) where a CIO along with me talked about the changing role of CIO these days. The audience consisting of about 70-80 CIO’s in both the cities added a lot to the discussion.

The points that got discussed veered around the basic question, “Should CIOs become CEO’s?”

It was clear that today’s CIO is increasingly finding him more aligned to business and end users than mere technology. Normally along with COO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CIO is equally competent to become CEO. But he/she should pick up the skills – people skills, marketing skills and domain skills.

Not every CIO will be ready; not every CIO will make it.

But those who are willing and those who succeed in picking up those “life skills” of a CEO will be unstoppable!