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“Ten steps to maturity in knowledge management” by JK Suresh and Kavi Mahesh (Chandos Pub, UK)

June 30, 2006

In an impressive ceremony at Infosys campus in Bangalore, Dr Roddam Narasimha (former NAL / NIAS Director) and N R Naryana Murthy of Infosys launched this book authored by Infosys employees.

The book is an interesting addition to KM; it lucidly brings out the key principles behind the award-winning KM implementation at Infosys.

This book is one more feather-in-the-cap for Infocions who have authored several books; J2EE book by SV Subramanya was launched by Java-creator Gosling himself last year.

Virtues of virtualization

June 16, 2006

I gave a keynote at the virtualization seminar organized by IBM, vmware & Techvoyant.

I talked about how

programming languages (UCSD Pascal-p, Java Virtual Machine),

operating systems (OS/360 VMM, device drivers, virtual memory),

databases (View in relational DBMS), and

networks (SAN) all had used virtualization for long.

I also talked of the power of virtualization in

    production environment (better utilization, legacy application hosting),
    test environment (manage resources better), and
    academics (create expensive hardware without “owning”)

all translate to savings in cost.

Mike Sumner of vmware gave an excellent talk with compelling video clips to get the message across. Sridhar of Techvoyant gave an outstanding talk on “myths & realities”. Excelsoft & VTU shared their virtualization experiences; there were demos too. All in all it was a great day of learning

(Keynote address at Taj Residency Hotel, June 15, 2006)

IBM President in Bangalore; holds analysts meeting in India

June 7, 2006

History was made on June 6, 2006, when IBM decided to hold its annual “Analyst meeting” in India (the first time in the nearly 100-year old IBM company with annual revenue of nearly $ 100 billion).

It was a busy day with a “town-hall” meeting with 10,000 IBM India professionals being addressed by Dr Kalam (Scientist turned President) and the senior management of IBM, including CEO San Palmisano.

There was a day-long program with lots of insights into IBM.

Overall, it was a rewarding day for IT professionals and mangers in Bangalore.