Karnataka losing steadily

It was interesting to see Andhra Chief Minister talking to IT heads in Bangalore and winning their hearts. Infosys & Wipro will be starting their largest campuses in Hyderabad though both of them are headquartered in Bangalore.

  • A recent survey put Chennai at No 1 position for attracting outsourcing opportunities.
  • SemIndia moved to Hyderabad though “Fab City” idea was conceived in Bangalore by ISA (Indian Semiconductor Forum).
  • Recently, Pune announced the launch of city-wide mobile Internet (with the help of Bangalore-headquartered Intel India).
  • Kerala has been attracting lots of IT companies due to local talent and supportive infrastructure (Under Sea cable landing in Cochin).
  • Bangalore and Karnataka are still the leaders, but its leadership is constantly eroding, with the “powers that be” silently watching the leadership slipping away and not getting bothered at all

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