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Infosys does India proud again

April 14, 2006

Infosys is 25 years old. They took 23 years to cross the first Billion Dollars of annual business. Infosys is the first listed Indian company with this distinction (TCS crossed its Billion Dollars but it was NOT listed in 2003). I did write a piece in Financial Express (April 16, 2004) that Infosys created history on April 13, 2004 with their crossing $ 1 Billion. Today on April 14, 2006 they have created history again by crossing the second Billion Dollars in 23 months flat!

Interestingly Microsoft crossed its first Billion Dollars in its 16th year (Infosys did in 23rd year). Microsoft took another 2 years to cross $ 2 Billion; Infosys did the same! Considering that 1$ = Rs 44 or so and Infosys has bulk of the employees in India, this is indeed commendable performance!

Apple machines run Windows on Intel processor!

April 7, 2006

On April 5, 2006, Apple released Boot Camp (beta version) that will let Apple Macs run Windows effortlessly. It is an interesting development. Earlier in the year Apple switched to Intel (from PowerPC) multi-core processors.

One used to talk of “Wintel” dominance (Windows running on Intel processors) on the PC front. Will it change?

Will users switch to Apple hardware & Microsoft software (the way Microsoft would want the world to be)?

Will users switch to Apple with Windows and afterwards move to Mac OS completely (the way Apple would want the world to be)?

Will the application writers move to Apple Intel Mac OS in a major way?

These are interesting questions; their evolution will change the contours of PC industry that never has a dull moment!

If indeed Apple succeeds to wrenching hardware dominance from Dell and software dominance from Microsoft it will be a very exciting twist

Mindtree crosses $ 100 Million record

April 6, 2006

Mindtree started by a group led by Ashok Soota is an amazing company to watch. Started in 1999-2000 by a group of veterans who had worked for years as managers, it was not yet another company promoted by serial entrepreneurs. They had a goal of reaching $ 123 in 5 years; they are close to realizing it having crossed 102 million in 2005-06.

They have done many things right; COO Subroto Bagchi has introduced many innovations in HR front; his columns in Times of India & Business Today are legendary and read by millions of youngsters. Recently the company made great strides in embedded space with designs that impressed even veterans like Toshiba. Their campus in Basavangudi had many innovations; their new campus near RV College is a marvel; they are leaders in Knowledge Management practices; the company does so much in the areas of culture, touching the lives of down-trodden.. the company logo was designed by a challenged child!

Soon they will hit the IPO route and set some new record.

I am fortunate to be closely associated with Mindtree fro Day 1. It will be on my admired list of companies for many more years.

Karnataka losing steadily

April 5, 2006

It was interesting to see Andhra Chief Minister talking to IT heads in Bangalore and winning their hearts. Infosys & Wipro will be starting their largest campuses in Hyderabad though both of them are headquartered in Bangalore.

  • A recent survey put Chennai at No 1 position for attracting outsourcing opportunities.
  • SemIndia moved to Hyderabad though “Fab City” idea was conceived in Bangalore by ISA (Indian Semiconductor Forum).
  • Recently, Pune announced the launch of city-wide mobile Internet (with the help of Bangalore-headquartered Intel India).
  • Kerala has been attracting lots of IT companies due to local talent and supportive infrastructure (Under Sea cable landing in Cochin).
  • Bangalore and Karnataka are still the leaders, but its leadership is constantly eroding, with the “powers that be” silently watching the leadership slipping away and not getting bothered at all

    Ibahealth starts Indian operations

    April 1, 2006

    Ibahealth, Australia’s largest healthcare IT Company started its India operations on March 30, 2006 in Bangalore. With its recent acquisition of the innovative healthcare solution company Medicom, ibahealth starts with 150+ staff on Day 1.

    I view the next wave of growth for IT services in India through “domains” – automotive, telecom, banking & financial services, tourism, hospitality, industrial automation … AND healthcare. Naturally, I am excited with ibahealth setting up shop in India.

    Healthcare is one industry whose health is always “pink”; when everyone is sick, healthcare will be growing; and when everyone is fit, it just becomes fitness industry!

    India is accepted in the world for its IT prowess; Indian doctors are generally well-received around the world. It is time we combine IT and healthcare to kick-start the next growth engine.
    I am familiar with Medicom, thanks to their innovative solution powering such hospitals such as Satya Sai Hospital in Bangalore; in a quick look at ibahealth web-site, I found healthcare-specific workflow. I always felt workflow would fly, only if it is aligned to a specific application segment. Healthcare being an inherently people-centric service – doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, drug delivery and diagnostic experts – workflow in healthcare would be a big hit; it will help us to build a patient-centric hospital as opposed to equipment-centric hospitals we built in the yester-years.

    Operating in India, ibahealth should move beyond “best practice” to “next practice” – a term coined by Professor CK Prahalad of University of Michigan – with whom IIIT-B has special association. India is one country that can bring about 10-fold cost reduction – not 10% – as experiments like Jaipur Foot and Arvind Eye-care have proved. As Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya would put it “healthcare if not affordable is not available”. We need to engage in models of dramatic cost reduction, if we are to take healthcare to ALL Indians.

    Finally, as Mahatma Gandhi would often remark, providing healthcare would be satisfying – the satisfaction that we bring to a patient, often silently expressed as a thankful glance from the eye of a cured patient, not even well-articulated – is worth far more than millions of dollars!

    I wish ibahealth (and “Medicom Inside”) the very best in the years to come

    (Keynote Address given on March 30, 2006 at Bangalore at ibahealth India launch)