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Cleaning-up the mess and Messing up a clean sheet – Subroto Bagchi on “dilemmas”

March 25, 2006

In his ever-exciting columns Subroto on Wednesday March 22, 2006, talked of the “apparent contradictions” in life and the need to be clear as to how to reckon with the dilemmas. He goes on to say that such things keep propping up all our life and there is a dire need to learn to “cope up” with contradictions as we move up in our senior managements.

Subroto’s example of someone cleaning up a table with split ink is telling. While the young man who cleaned up the mess was clear that he has cleaned up, little did he realize that he only transferred the mess from the table top to a clean towel! Did he mess it up or cleaned up the mess; both are true – so goes our life!