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Open the borders

March 21, 2006

Subroto Bagchi, COO, Mindtree Consulting in his column in “Times of India” recently talks of India “opening the borders” and welcoming outstanding talent from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar & Sri Lanka into India. It is an excellent idea worth serious consideration by the “powers that be”.

India is getting close to a “leadership” position in many areas; it is time we learnt to play the “leader’s game”. India is large enough not to worry about limiting ideas that others will “take away”. Just as Indians who went to USA are returning back now that Indian conditions are improving, the immigrants from these countries will return once these countries improve. In fact this process will lead to a situation of India surrounded by “prosperous” neighbors; a sure sign of long term stability. Just tourism alone – by people of these countries visiting each other will – lead to 8 – 10% growth in the individual economies of every country.

It is not “incredible India” alone; it is “incredible Pakistan”, “incredible Nepal”, “incredible Bangladesh”, and “incredible Sri Lanka as well”.