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Future of IT

March 20, 2006

What is the future of IT? Here is my take

1. The hardware-software divide will disappear. Most systems will have “embedded electronics” that will have software to take on different functionally. Today’s mobile phones already demonstrate the dominance of software even in devices considered as “hardware pieces”.

2. Domain will dominate – increasingly jobs in IT will go to those who can combine IT skills with domain knowledge; Banking, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecom and Tourism are the major “domains”. Students will be better prepared if they specialize.

3. CHINDIA will rule – contrary to popular press writings, China and India will complement each other, though they will compete too. Chinese hardware industry would benefit through Indian software; India would need Chinese hardware to grow the software industry. Chinese companies will fight Indian companies for domestic Indian market and vice versa; but outside India & China, the companies on both sides will cooperate to dominate the global markets.

4. IT will become invisible; in another 20 years, there will be more IT but less “IT tag”. Most professionals will do lot of “IT work”, but call themselves auto engineer or control engineer than mere “IT engineer”

(Keynote address given in Al Ameen College Bangalore, on the occasion of their College Festival “Insight IT 2006” on March 20, 2006)