Budget 2006

The central budget was presented on Feb 28, 2006. Luckily, no new taxes have been imposed.

One wonders why the government has to put 8% excise duty on packaged software and increase tax on PCs. The service tax increase will affect 120 Million Indians who talk on phones (which they could never get till DoT had monopoly! When India is finally consuming IT, taxing IT is the least one expects. So much for “aam admi”

Luckily, budget support for education is up, particularly school education. There is a token bonanza for higher education; Rs 100 Crores each for Madras, Bombay and Calcutta Universities. One hopes that the government grants such “significant” grants every year to ten Institutes so that in five years at least 50 Institutes will get a new lease of life. Of course, the political bosses should not “force” the Universities into starting irrelevant “studies centers for political masters” and building endless third rate buildings to keep the “contractors” happy

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