Productivity and Knowledge Management

There is a feeling that productivity studies are more for the “blue collar” work while “knowledge work” does not need productivity; “blue collar” work is not “knowledge work”. Interestingly, both the ideas are more of myths.

Just as engine power amplified “brawn” power in the 18th century, computers are amplifying “brain” power in the 21st century. As such most of the work would benefit from knowledge and all activities would become knowledge activities. We should get over the artificial division of work.

With tools proliferating, software production will dramatically change into component and framework-based leading to dramatic productivity increase. As such productivity will continue to be important well beyond the industrial age into information age.

(Valedictory address at Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) Corporate Headquarters in Bangalore on the conclusion of “Productivity Week” on February 18, 2006)

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