Does IT matter for India?

Based on the controversial HBR (Harvard Business Review) article “IT does not matter” in May 2003 by Nicholas Carr (and the later book by the same autor “Does IT Matter” Harvard Business School Press 2004), it is interesting to look at the relevance of IT for India.

There is a mistaken notion that IT happened in India because of Y2K. While Y2K helped India enormously, India has a tradition of IT (Invention of zero, mathematicians like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Computer Scientists like Raj Reddy and the recent contributions from IIT Kanpur such as “Primes is in P” by Manindra Agarwal as well as the development of TDC 12 Computer, CMC Railway Reservation System or e-Chaupal)

With direct jobs of 2.5 Million in IT & ITES (and indirect employment of 10 Million) today and the expected growth to 5-8 Million, IT does make a difference to India. IT will account for almost 1/3rd of India’s export of $ 300 Billion by 2010.

With IT growing beyond services into products (iFlex, Finacle, Tally), technology & IP licensing (ImpulseSoft, Sasken, Ittiam), IT has taken deep roots in India.

(Invited Talk at Tesco India Development Center, Bangalore on February 17, 2006)

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