Deep observation by Dutch Prime Minister

In a meeting with just select 20 professionals in Bangalore on January 18, 2006, Dutch Prime Minister Dr Jan Peter Balkenende made some deep observations, which were heartening for any Indian. He listened patiently to every one, took notes and summarized the discussions, almost in a “professorial” sense (his early career).

What was interesting was his observation that most of us in the 90-minute session did NOT mention Government (that is conspicuous by presence AND action these days), or the problems; all of us had talked about the possibilities. In the eyes of the Dutch Prime Minister, it was an extra-ordinary positive spirit that communicated the strong feeling we all have that “tomorrow will be better than today”. His Excellency was emphasizing the fact that such optimism was not that common in West European nations.

In his talk at IISc (Indian Institute of Science), he even said “India’s day has come”.

Hopefully, we will convert such positive feelings into some positive energy; that, and that alone will change India into a “developed Nation” soon, in fact soon enough to happen in our life time!

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