Inside Microsoft – Bill Gates Live in Bangalore on December 9, 2005

In his keynote address in Bangalore during the launch of Digital Lifestyle, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talked of the dominant ideas that spanned a decade and the association of Microsoft with the theme –
Start of Microsoft in 1975,
PC growth in 1985,
Windows 95 & Internet Explorer in 1995 and
Web Services starting from 2005.

Bill Gates talked of Broadband changing the way we live in what he called “High Definition Generation”. He outlined Xbox 360 Console, IP TV from Microsoft, MSN with Virtual Earth and Windows Live as the dominant offerings from Microsoft in the years to come.

In yet another event he launched Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 & BizTalk Server 2005 – that show significant enhancements in features in performance.

Visual Studio 2005 has separate workbenches fro Architect, Designers & Coders and the Integrated Environment is spectacular

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