Sanjay Dasgupta the first IT Secretary in India is no more

Sanjay Dasgupta passed away in the early hours of Nov 1, 2005 due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Son of JNU Professor and a very creative person, Sanjay Dasgupta was an unusual IAS officer (Indian Civil Service)

Karnataka was the first State to have an IT Policy; the State was also the first to create a separate IT Ministry and Sanjay Dasgupta was the first Secretary of the Department – the Center had Department of Electronics that became IT Ministry and later merged with Telecom Ministry to become Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MICT) much later –, South Asia’s largest IT annual event ( from year 2005) was also his brain child. He coined the slogan “IT capital of India” for Bangalore.

The IT Policy itself was written by the Industries Department that talked of an Institute focused on IT (IIIT-B is the final result).

Incidentally, he was the person who after a brief interaction in March 1999 told me and I had been selected for the job of Director, IIIT-B!

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