India is the most fertile ground for upcoming semiconductor technology startups – how true?

    India is ready today with the semiconductor ecosystem getting formed and the local markets reaching a critical size for a viable semiconductor industry.

    The industry-academia interface is weak but getting there; the venture funds are becoming to be available.

    Of course, there is a serious problem of “mindset”; the engineers are not willing to “take on the world” but wanting to know what they should do next

    The successful IT entrepreneurs are still not investing in start-ups.

As such there is a mixed picture, but the situation today is far ripe than what it was 20 years back, when companies like Infosys started!

(views expressed by the author, Ganapathy Subramaniam of Cosmic Circuits, Indira Iyer of Sinfora, Krishna Yarlagadda of HelloSoft and Sanjay Anandram of JumpStart, in the Panel discussion during ISA (Indian Semiconductor Associatio) Conference held in Bangalore on October 28, 2005 as part of event in Bangalore during Oct 26-29, 2005)

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