India is unique – technology perspective

The India opportunity has unusual challenges

The Indian customers want “best & cheap”

    Delivering products developed for the developed economies at reduced cost, after the expiry of the economic life may not work.

    Also, markets need to be segmented; there is nothing like “selling to the one billion Indian customers”; in addition, some of the Indian customers are more like the customers in the West in life style, they knowing US conditions better than Indian conditions.

    It is possible to develop a product in India for the Western market and THEN adapt it for India; it is equally possible for Indian companies to develop first for the Indian market and later sell it in the developed economy markets.

It is all one of contextualizing!

(views expressed by the author, Dr Anandan, MD of Microsoft Research India, Sandeep Shrivastva of Yahoo India and Rajesh Reddy of July Systems in the Panel discussion during TiE Conference held in Bangalore on October 28, 2005 as part of event in Bangalore during Oct 26-29, 2005)

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