ITSM Forum India is launched

October 27, 2005 saw the launch of ITSM (IT Services Management) Forum in India. India is the 37th country to have a country chapter of ITSM Forum.

Headquartered in UK from 1991, ITSM Forum brings together knowledge, skills and best practices in the area of managing IT infrastructure. With IT emerging as the key infrastructure (Telecom, Internet, and Corporate LAN/WAN) and IT infrastructure becoming the key support for other critical infrastructure such as Transportation (air, rail and road), Banking & Financial Services, Law Enforcement and even Education, it is time that IT Infrastructure management is carried out exceptionally well. This activity is likely to emerge as several hundreds of billions of dollars opportunity globally, With Internet permitting remote delivery of this critical service, India can hope to get a significant part of this business; in fact, much of it can be delivered even from secondary towns in India

(Keynote Address in ITSM Forum Conference held in Bangalore on October 27, 2005 as part of event in Bangalore during Oct 26-29, 2005)

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