Very low PhD production in Computer Science in India must be of serious concern

Craig Mundie, CTO, Microsoft was in Bangalore on October 7, 2005 during the launch of MSR (Microsoft Research) India facility, when he expressed concern about the very low production of PhD’s in CS (less than 50, compared to several thousands in USA and China) by the Indian higher education system. Unless the powers that be in India address this issue seriously it might erode our chances of leadership in IT in the long run.

The reasons are many; most students (and their parents) still “influenced” by the “foreign attraction”; second, the lack of research culture in the Indian academic and the social environment; the serious disparity between academic and industry salaries; too much of Government control in the higher education system (MHED, UGC, AICTE); and, finally Science managers and not Scientists calling the shots in the administration of higher education.

Incidentally, I pointed out precisely this point during Academic Summit organized by Microsoft in Bangalore way back on April 14, 2004!

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