Apple & Motorola launch iPod mobile phone

September 7, 2005 saw the final launch of “Rockr ” – mobile handset made by Motorola that has many good features of Apple iPod -by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, after nearly 2 years of high expectation.

Apple iPod has become a rave item, selling 20+ million pieces last year.

Mobile phones sell in the 500+ million range, though split across a dozen vendors each with hundreds of models.

Motorola, the inventor of mobile phones could not be the leader (a position that Nokia has enjoyed for 15 years); with the new CEO Ed Zander (former Sun Microsystems COO), and a new focus, Motorola is gaining market. Its Razr mdel is a spectacular success after many years. The new model Rockr, if successful will place Motorola in top gear. It will also help Apple to bite into the mainstream market of mobile handset instead of restricting to niche product.

It remains to be seen as to how it works; if it indeed works, it will be a win for American companies who have been steadily losing to Asian and European companies in the area of entertainment electronics.

One Response to “Apple & Motorola launch iPod mobile phone”

  1. Chris Says:

    Well, nice my friend… Someone will love this if I tell him about this. Thanks again…

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