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Apple & Motorola launch iPod mobile phone

September 8, 2005

September 7, 2005 saw the final launch of “Rockr ” – mobile handset made by Motorola that has many good features of Apple iPod -by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, after nearly 2 years of high expectation.

Apple iPod has become a rave item, selling 20+ million pieces last year.

Mobile phones sell in the 500+ million range, though split across a dozen vendors each with hundreds of models.

Motorola, the inventor of mobile phones could not be the leader (a position that Nokia has enjoyed for 15 years); with the new CEO Ed Zander (former Sun Microsystems COO), and a new focus, Motorola is gaining market. Its Razr mdel is a spectacular success after many years. The new model Rockr, if successful will place Motorola in top gear. It will also help Apple to bite into the mainstream market of mobile handset instead of restricting to niche product.

It remains to be seen as to how it works; if it indeed works, it will be a win for American companies who have been steadily losing to Asian and European companies in the area of entertainment electronics.

Indian Airlines places order for $ 2.2 Billion Airbus planes

September 8, 2005

Finally Indian Government could place the order for $ 2.2 Billion worth of planes (43 of them), a deal that was to have been closed three years back.

The previous Vajapayee Government did the right thing to let Indian Airlines think bold; but suddenly developed cold feet.

Any large purchase gets into a controversy in India, where throwing mud is so easy. . The Prime Minister must be complemented for announcing this deal when the EU President and British Prime Minister are visiting India; the Western Media will cover this positive news (otherwise the media in the West routinely reports all the bad news from India; though we have plenty of them, we have many good things too, that somehow never make it to the News)

So many good projects have suffered in Bangalore – Airport, Metro, Arkvathy Layout, Mysore Expressway, Ring Road,,– all good for people, but not good for greedy politicians, who in the name of poor, squeeze out the milk meant for the poor and drink the very milk, cruel indeed.

One hopes that the politicians will let India march ahead; thinking big, taking bold decisions, commanding respect through action is the only way India can get out of the poverty; not by scuttling well-meaning projects and announcing endless subsidies.

The present Aviation Minister Praful Patel managed to get one fairly good new Terminal building within a year in Mumbai. He has now managed to close the Air India order for Boeing ($ 3 Billion) in June and the current $ 2 Billion order for Airbus. Let his tribe multiply

With other Airlines (including budget airlines) ordering planes worth $ 6 Billion, India is driving the global aviaion industry. It is time Bangalore becomes Aviation capital too (beyond IT and BT capital!)