Teachers’ Day

Fifth of September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India. It is a tribute to one of the celebrated teachers of modern India, former President Dr S Radhakrishnan who was a rare blend of a philosopher, writer, statesman and of course a great teacher.

India has a tradition of giving a special status to teacher. The word “guru” is itself is so exalted; the place of a teacher is sometimes even ahead of God – “Guru Brahma” and “Guru Vishnu”. The teacher is only next only to mother & father (“mathru devo bhava”, “pithru devo bhava”, “acharya devo bhava”). Guru Poornima is celebrated across the country.

Even today many of the “economically poor” village school teachers are still respected; that is the bedrock of the Nation. Let us re-dedicate ourselves to preserve and nurture this tradition. After all the seeds of Knowledge Society are thrown by the Teachers.

It is interesting to find another “teacher par excellence” as our President in Dr Kalam. Inspiration from people like him is the only ray of hope for an otherwise dark educational scene in India today.

10 Responses to “Teachers’ Day”

  1. Rajan Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Happy Teachers Day


  2. Rajan Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Happy Teachers Day


  3. sujay Says:

    Further Sir, our honour to have been taught by you.
    We take this one more oppurtunity to thank all the
    teachers of iiit-b, for their continued guidance.
    Happy Teachers day !

  4. K R Subramanian Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am an avid reader of all your lucid articles

  5. M.Subramanian(balu) Says:

    Dear Sri Sadagopan, I named as balu(officilal name M.Subramanian) studied with u in Dharmambika patasala.TSV koil street Mylapore Chennai.we were staying in arisikara street .On this Teachers day i thought of our teachers and also you.I would like to talk to you.my cell phone no is 098200 55114.I am settled in mumbai.kindly revert back for this mail.

    Thanks & regards.


  6. Vijaydeep Says:

    Dear Proff,
    I believe that the guru or the great teacher is (s)he who inspires and enables the pupil to surpass the teacher himself/herself in excellence, not (s)he who is upset every time the pupil questions the “great wisdom” of the self-righteous teachers. I’ve met only few such great guru’s: Prof Yale N. Patt and Prof Jacome at U of Texas, Austin and Prof Jorge Cobb at U of Texas, Dallas.

    Most other teachers are mediocre. Can’t really call them gurus.

    I hope for a future where our teachers become gurus by teaching students to think for themselves questioning the most fundamental assumptions of society.

  7. Hemanathan Says:

    Great article sir,

    Well i always remember my teachers be it nursery, school,college,pg etc., well they are the great layers of foundation on whose support i am what of today, though i have achieved only little till now.

  8. sangeeta Says:

    Happy teachers’ day to u..im a teacher as well

  9. ramesh kumar jallu Says:

    Good evening sir, Advanced Happy teachers day. A teacher is one who shows the path to achive any ones aim.

  10. anil k ray Says:

    Happy Teachers Day 2u sir…!

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