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Hurricane Caterina causes enormous loss in the United States

September 4, 2005

In the worst natural disaster in the history of USA, there was a “wreck” created by hurricane Caterina last week; it is felt that the city of New Orleans in Louisiana State is damaged irreparably.

Yes, Science and Technology are advanced, yet before the Nature’s fury, human being is so tiny.

A rich country too has its own problems when it comes to meeting calamities of this kind. All countries rich and poor, big and small, friends or foes of USA must come together to express their solidarity at this grave moment.

USA has been helping every country in moments of crises; other countries should reciprocate the same gesture towards USA.

Loss of billions of dollars of physical infrastructure will be made up; but human suffering is irreparable; sympathy and prayer are the only things that can touch humans.

Let us join our fellow citizens (sisters and brothers of America, in the words of Swami Vivekananda) emotionally.