Google Desktop has amazing performance

After 48 hours of installation my Google mails were indexed; my local content got indexed too!

What amazes me is the sheer performance! Before I type “Jyot” all the mails relating to Jyotsna Bapat showed up!

Also, unlike the earlier interface in the new design things show up as you type; no need to type and “click”. Keep it up Google

The first war of “raw speed” is won (aided of course by bandwidth, high speed disks, performance, and of course, your great algorithms); but Google has to win the second war, relevance; how nice it will be, if I get the just three mails I want, the 3 web sites I need or the three great papers that are useful (and not the millions); may be Google should start discarding or put a “threshold” of “quality” before Google will touch a “source”; such a process itself can be done thru “peers” in a democratic way. Of course, Google would know it better!

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