Google announces Ver 2 of its desktop search tool

On August 22, 2005 Google launched its beta version of Google 2, its second attempt to dominate user’s desktop (Windows only as of today; not even Apple Mac is supported, let alone Linux desktops). It is many things rolled into one – kind of a Portal, Search tool, Scratch pad, RSS feeds..

I have 24 hours of experience with it; I just “love it”.

Unlike the previous, one it installs as sidebar; with my 17” monitor it is neat.
It “aggregates” my blog sites (I had to install RSS aggregators in the earlier version).

I had forgotten a pack of 100+ photographs of my visits to several town in Tamil Nadu in December 2004 (just managed to escape Tsunami, thanks to His Grace, by minutes); I forgot about them; but the new tool shows a “slide-show” without I having to do anything! Cool

I get Weather data of West Lafayette (home to my “alma mater” Purdue University), though I would love to get Bangalore and Kanpur weather.

I do not trade in stocks; but I get the stock prices of my “favorites” (Infosys and others) effortlessly.

I get a scratch pad that is real bonus for avid browser like me.

Since I have 1 GB of e-mail the indexing is still not over!

I am sure Microsoft and Yahoo will fight it out!

Finally “Information” wars are on (not “Information Technology” wars!)

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