High-performance Organizations – the case of IIIT-B

Some key points

1. Innovate, Innovate & Innovate but within “proven” structures

Unless you innovate you have no place in a crowded market-place.

• Thru a campus that was “nearly complete” in a rented premise

• Thru investment in people (faculty compensation more on North American Universities pattern, just a handful of core support staff with enough room for their operation, laptop computer for everyone, including the receptionist)

• Announcing a date for the first convocation when the place was not ready, curriculum was in the making, faculty were being identified and with just no students)

• Follow a public-private-partnership with Government providing stability and private sector providing growth

Yet the message was, it is just another “IT only IIT”, yet another “M Tech” program, yet another Institute, recognizing that students prefer “degree granting” Institute, parents prefer a Government Institute and Industry prefer a “national” institute (admitting students from across the country)

2. Growth is the mantra
Recognizing that in 1999 you do not have the luxury of 20 years to “prove”, there was pressure to grow into a “recognizable size”

• On Day 1 it is easy to “pitch high” but there will be resistance to grow in the initial years;

• Looking at a start-up batch of 150 was risky, but paid off handsomely with 600 alumni in 60 corporations in 23 countries in just six years!

3 Think global, act local

IT is inherently global and Indian IT is first global and then Indian! Accordingly, IIIT-B established partnerships with Stanford, MIT, Yale, UC, Purdue, and Michigan (IIIT-B has a Professor from MIT on the Board, rare for Indian Institutions) in USA, TU Munich and Eindhoven in Europe, NUS, UNSW, QUT in Australasia again within the first five years.
Follow the best practices from anywhere

• Involve alumni (they contribute Rs 1 Million+ from the third year)

• Work closely with industry (five Chair Professorships in the fourth year of operation)

• CEO’s of IT majors InfoSys, Microsoft, Intel, HP, i-Flex on Board

(My views that are presented in a Round Table on High Performance Organizations at IIM Bangalore on Aug 5, 2005)

One Response to “High-performance Organizations – the case of IIIT-B”

  1. Rajan Says:

    Dear Prof,

    They are definitely a commendable achievements. Congragulations.


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