Super Computer Club has IBM dominance after years

The 25th Edition of the world’s fastest computers ( was released in Heidelberg, Germany in the International Super Computer Conference on June 22, 2005.

IBM Blue Gene at Lawrence Livermore Lab in Berkeley, CA with 136.8 Teraflops tops the list; the second in the list is also an IBM Blue Gene with 91.3 Teraflops at IBM Research Lab. The emergence of American Companies (IBM, HP, Cray and SGI) in the Top 10 list contrasts with the strong position held by Japanese (NEC Earth Simulator used to be No 1 in many editions of Top 500 list). HP that had a dominating position a year back is slipping. Linux is the dominant operating system among the Top 500 List of June 2005.

Americas dominates the supercomputing scene with 294 Super Computers followed by Europe (114), and Asia (81) – not very different from the position a year back (for full details refer to my Financial Express articles “Look at IT” of May 28, 2004 and Oct 29, 2004). In terms of countries, USA enjoys a dominant position with 255 installations, followed by Germany (40), UK (32), Japan (23), China (19), South Korea (14), France (11), and India (8).

In India, C-DAC had managed to enter the Super 500 Club in 2003 with its Param Padma Super Computer (Rank 171). Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Chennai had an entry (Rank 253) in the 2004 edition; unfortunately both have fallen out of this list in 2005.

Delhi area (ONGC (3) & Institute of Genomics) and Bangalore (Intel India (2) and Tech Pacific & PCS Trading) are the concentrations of super computing in India.

There are Indian hands behind the toppers in the Top 500; India-born BJ Arun founded California Data Corporation with rank 7 and India-born Professor Srinidhi Varadarajan assembled Apple cluster at Virginia Tech at rank 14 does Indians proud; when will India catch up?

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