Intel senior executive in-charge of standards visits India

Dr Philip Wennblom, Director, Standards in Intel Corporate Technology Group was visiting India this week. He was accompanied by Dr Jessie Jiang of Intel Corporate Technology, who got her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business after her PhD. This was their first ever visit to India.

Wennblom sits in the Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) of IEEE Standards Authority (SA), a committee of IEEE Board of Governors (BoG).

IEEE over the past two decades has played a key role in some of the key standards in computers & communications (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Firwire).

Indian IT industry has not been very active in the Standards activities; even in Unicode Forum Indian representation by DIT (Department of Information Technology) is just a couple of years old. Recent participation by new generation Indian companies such as Sasken in ADSL, Pramati in J2EE, and Wipro in IEEE 1394 are notable exceptions. We need to make such participation a rule.

One hopes that visits by such stalwarts would pave the way for a concerted effort in getting Indian technology companies to profit by standards and participate and influence global standards, a must if India is to play a “leadership position” in IT

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