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Indian newspapers readership survey (NRS 2005) has a positive story on literacy

June 13, 2005

The National Readership Survey 2005 has thrown some interesting insights – of the 200 Million readers nearly 50% are from rural India; of the top ten, nine are regional language newspapers; dainik jagran has a readership of over 21 Million; and the world’s No 1 English newspapers, Times of India is the tenth in the Top Ten in India! The literacy level in the Northern India (Hindi belt) is increasing and the country of Billion people is asserting itself!

It may not be out of place to mention that NRS 2005 India is the largest exercise of its kind in the world, with a sample size of over 2,61,212 house-to-house interviews spread over 536 districts in 24 States covering 522 publications (221 dailies and 301 magazines).