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Opera Software CEO visits India

June 8, 2005

Opera is unusual company. Founded by Jon S von Tetzchner in Norway in 1994 it is a company with a “razor sharp” focus; make browsers that are really light and load with lightning speed. It is typically about a fourth of the size of typical browsers and includes a good e-mail client as well. It has survived for 11 years in spite of heavy-weights AOL (Netscape) and Microsoft (Internet Explorer). Among smart phones it has a formidable market share.

What is striking about Opera is the fact that it can run even on a ten-year old PC! What a compelling value proposition for a country like India where things are just not thrown. Instead of running after a browser whose newest version slows down even a super-powered PC, it is good to run after a browser that runs reasonably fast on a reasonably slow PC in India

Naturally it was great to host Jon at IIIT-B on June 8, 2005