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PhD production in Computing from Indian is shamefully low

June 5, 2005

It is a good feeling to see the Pan IIT meet in USA (May 20-22, 2005) getting so much attention. Sometime we start to “feel” that India is a Super Power in IT. But the reality is quite alarming. With 75,000 undergraduates in Engineering, USA manages to produce about 15,000 PhD’s in Engineering, out of which 900 are in Computer Science alone; China with 350,000 undergraduates in engineering produces about 2,000 PhD’s in CS; whereas India with 325,000 undergraduates in engineering does not even produce 50 PhD’s in CS!

Something is seriously wrong; if this situation continues Indian IT industry just cannot cope up with the growing R & D needs of Indian companies and that of MNC’s, that are moving much of the R & D work to India.

It is a wake-up call