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SONY goes for a non-Japanese CEO; content takes the center-stage

March 9, 2005

SONY decided to induct International talent for heading the Corporation. Europe-born, American citizen Sir Howard who had helped Sony America to turn around, will take over from the current CEO Idei. This is the first time Sony will have a non-Japanese CEO; probably the first ever non-Japanese CEO for a very large Japanese Corporation.

Sony is a Corporation where engineers walk tall; however, the nature of the industry is changing fast. The present CEO Idei himself was NOT an engineer, though his pet project was a marvellously engineered product Vaio range of PCs.

Ken Kutaragi the architect of the highly successful game machine Sony Play Station was widely expected to be the next CEO. The Walkman inventor Shizu Takashino was another probable. By going in for the journalist Sir Howard, Sony has proved that in the emerging electronics market content is the king.

It is likely that Sony Entertainment would drive the topline and bottomline growth than any of the “gadgets”.

In a sense, this is similar to what is happening in the computer industry; software and information are the thriving segments, with hardware taking a backseat; IBM and HP are great companies, but Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are the emperors today.

Finally, the adage “content is the king” is coming so true!

Wipro is the world’s largest “testing service” provider

March 8, 2005

Wipro has more than 8,000 professionals working in “software testing”. In the process it has become the largest IT Services Company in the Software Testing space.

This development is interesting due to the following reasons

    Testing has come of age; testing can be an independent service not an after thought
    With singular focus Indian companies can become “global leaders”
    Indian IT Companies have understood the power of “scaling”

Such developments will pave the way for Indian Companies to get into the act of Leadership